The Torch Foundation

Supporting Torch Clubs Since 1979

Our Mission: To support educational activities throughout the International Association of Torch Clubs to develop opportunities and recognition that encourage lifelong learning, reasoned discussion, and interchange of information between Torch members.

  • Inception: The Torch Foundation was established in 1979 as a §501(c)(3) corporation to allow Torch Members to provide U.S.-tax-deductible financial support for the mission of the International Association of Torch Clubs.
  • Governance: The Foundation is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees of five members, each of whom is elected by the membership of the Torch Foundation, and led by a slate of volunteer officers appointed by the trustees.
  • Membership: Membership in the Foundation is open to any Torch Club member through the payment of either annual or Lifetime Dues.
  • Finances: Assets are held in both endowment and operating funds, and invested to obtain a reasonable rate of return without undue risk and with acceptable liquidity.

Foundation Overview


Officers of the Torch Foundation are Torch Club and Torch Foundation members, and are appointed by the Trustees of the Torch Foundation. At this time, the Communications Officer position is vacant. If you are interested in discussing this position, please contact Torch Foundation President, Sue Breen-Held, at

Susan L. Breen-Held
Susan L. Breen-Held, President, Des Moines, IA
John Tordiff
John Tordiff, Vice President, St. Catharines, Ontario
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson, Secretary, Lincoln, NE
Shirley Eberly
Shirley Eberly, Treasurer, Rochester, NY
Communications Officer, Open Position


Trustees of the Torch Foundation are Torch Club and Torch Foundation members, and are elected to two-year terms by the Foundation members at the annual Torch Convention in June. If you are interested in serving as a trustee, please contact Torch Foundation President, Sue Breen-Held, at

Peter Dowling
Peter Dowling, Saratoga, NY (term ends 2020)
David Hammond
David Hammond, Columbus, OH (term ends 2021)
Edward Latimer
Edward Latimer, Columbia, SC (term ends 2021)
Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch, Saratoga & Albany, NY (term ends 2021)
Roland Moy
Roland Moy, Boone, NC (term ends 2020)


At 12/31/2019, assets totaled $195,503.25. Of that total,

  • 60 were in the Restricted Oldenburg Endowment Fund (for communications)
  • 13 in an Unrestricted Endowment Fund (from Lifetime Memberships)
  • 20 in Unrestricted Operating Funds
  • 7 in Restricted Operating Funds (for New Club Formation and Communications).


The Foundation has shown a long-term trend for annual members to become lifetime members. As of 12/31/2019, the Foundation has 32 Lifetime Members, 44 Annual Members, and 3 members who have made progress toward Lifetime Membership through annual installment payments.