The Torch Foundation

Contributions to The Torch Foundation

For the Torch Foundation to provide grants to support the activities of Torch Clubs, we need your help. Your contributions and their investment earnings are our only sources of revenue.

With an all-volunteer board, our operating expenses are kept quite low. This allows us to make the best possible use of the contributions that Torch Members make, to support Torch at the local, regional, and international level. Those contributions are also fully tax-deductible under U.S. tax law, since we are an IRS §501(c)(3) organization.

Your contributions are the fuel that feeds the flame of Torch.

Contribution Programs

We have a number of targeted giving programs as well as a general fund. If you have ideas for other programs, or an idea for a gift for a specific purpose, please contact our president, Sue Breen-Held, at

  • Unrestricted contributions: Our most common type of contribution, this allows the Foundation to direct funds where they are most needed. These can take the form of an annual membership, a single contribution or a multi-year pledge. Contributions can also be made by transferring holdings directly from an IRA, in lieu of taking all or part of a minimum required distribution (consult your financial advisor).
  • Lifetime Membership: Lifetime membership contributions are held in an endowment fund, with up to 5{45460edaee4bd1a0222d40af021d67706772bf1528e86b9211501d966dcb5b5c} of the endowment made available annually for funding programs and grants. This approach preserves the principal, to continue to benefit the Foundation over the long-term. Learn more
  • New Club Initiative: Contributions are designated to help defray the cost of establishing new clubs. This effort was started in 2014, and grant requests are evaluated as they are received.
  • Honor Roll: The Torch Foundation Honor Roll Program allows donors to honor the accomplishments of outstanding current and former Torch Club members. Contributions can be made to honor any living Torch Member or to honor a local club. Learn more
  • Memorial List: The Torch Foundation Memorial Program allows donors to recognize the accomplishments of deceased Torch Club members or those important to Torch Club members. Learn more




Other Ways to Contribute

Besides the options to give a single gift or make a multi-year pledge to the Foundation, consider including a gift to support Torch as part of your long-term financial and estate planning.

  • Include the Foundation in your will. The impact of a gift of this type can be significant. A former Torch Member from Chicago, Robert A. Oldenburg, made a substantial bequest to the Foundation in his will, significantly enhancing our grant-making ability.
  • Make the Torch Foundation the beneficiary of an annuity or life insurance policy.
  • Transfer all or a portion of your annual IRA required minimum distribution directly to the Foundation. This tactic can allow you to avoid the capital gains tax on the investment, but does not qualify for charitable deduction status under U.S. law.

You should consult your financial advisor before making any contributions using these planned gift ideas. Not all tactics are right for all donors; your advisor can help you evaluate the best approach for your situation.

Contributions should be directed to:
Torch Foundation
c/o Shirley Eberly, Treasurer
71 Lynnwood Drive, Rochester, NY 14618