The Torch Foundation


The Torch Foundation offers grants to support Torch Clubs at all levels of the organization. They are available to individual Torch Club members, local Torch Clubs, Torch Regions One through Ten, and the International Association of Torch Clubs. Past grants have included: Annual Paxton Lecturer; New Club Development; Local and Regional Programs; and Support of Torch Magazine article publication.

New: Convention Grants

With the 2020 Convention, the Foundation is offering two new types of grants, with up to three of each type awarded annually:

  • Club Grants Available for a local club who has not sent a delegate to the annual convention during the past five years, the grant will fund the early bird registration and lodging at the convention hotel for three nights for a delegate. Preference will be given to incoming local officers. Go to Grant Application for Clubs (PDF)
  • New Member Grants Initially available to any Torch member who has not attended a Convention and who joined Torch in the five years ending with the Convention (for 2020, joined since the 2015 Convention). The grant will fund the early bird registration and lodging at the convention hotel for three nights. Preference is given to current or incoming club officers, and (after 2020) to members who have never attended a convention before. No member may receive this grant more than twice. Go to Grant Application for Individuals (PDF)

Applications should be received by April 1.

Grant criteria – Other than Convention Grants

Grant requests are considered solely on merit. Special consideration is given to projects aimed at increasing the number of Foundation members, but any project for the betterment of Torch will be looked at thoughtfully. Administrative costs may not be funded, in compliance with IRS rules.

Grant applicants should keep dollar requests reasonable when planning a project for funding. Trustees have no fixed number of requests to fill, and could give available funds to one project, divide it among several projects, or award no grants during a year.

An official Torch Foundation Grant Application (two pages) should be filled out completely. The form may be augmented by additional pages of supplementary materials, if the applicant desires, but this is not required.

For additional information

Questions about the application process can be answered by the vice-president of the Torch Foundation, John Tordiff of the St Catharines, Ontario Canada Torch Club at