The Torch Foundation

Memorial Program

In Fall 2016, the Torch Foundation created a Torch Foundation Memorial Program. The Program allows donors to recognize the accomplishments of deceased Torch Club members or persons of significance to Torch members.

(For the honor program for living members and clubs, see Honor Roll Program.)

To determine the level of honor, all contributions are accumulated for each person being memorialized based on the following table:

Torch Lighter Contribution of $5,000 or more Torch Bearer Contribution of $1,000 to $4,999
Torch Sponsor Contribution of $500 to less than $999 Torch Patron Contribution of $100 to less than $499
Torch Friend Contribution of $99 or less

A current list of all those memorialized is below. The list will also be distributed at the annual convention and published in the fall issue of The Torch magazine.

Recognizing the Memory of a Member

Contributing in memory of a deceased member is an excellent way to recognize their contributions and further the goals of Torch.
Gifts may be payable by check or through PayPal.

  • To contribute through PayPal, please identify the person you are recognizing and a way to contact their family in the note section provided after clicking on the “donate” button below.




  • To contribute by check, please identify the person you are recognizing and a way to contact their family and forward your check payable to The Torch Foundation to:
    Torch Foundation
    c/o Shirley Eberly, Treasurer
    71 Lynnwood Drive, Rochester, NY 14618

Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

Questions may be directed to Vice-President John Tordiff at

Memorial List

(last updated 4/21/2020)

Torch Bearer: Thomas Carroll

In 1959, Tom Carroll brought Torch to Lincoln, NE. Â Previously a member of Torch in Winston-Salem, NC, Tom was dedicated to the idea of stimulating thoughtful discussion and collegial relationships among the professional community of Lincoln. Â Himself the head of the Safety Council of Nebraska, Tom successfully forged a strong town-and-gown mix that grew to more than 50 members in what is now the Lincoln Torch Club. Â He was committed to high professional standards, strongly encouraged Torch papers that challenged the membership and provoked serious discussion, and was an energetic participant in the International Association of Torch Clubs, including service as Secretary-Treasurer.

Honored by Robert D. Kuzelka, Lincoln Torch Club, and Dr. Francis Moul

Torch Sponsor

Ralph C. Falconer, Jr.
Honored by Torch Club of Akron, Ohio

Torch Patrons

Charles Edward Carlson III
Honored by Torch Club of Albany NY; Anna Weller Dahl; and Dr. Francis Moul

John B. Cornish
Honored by Lehigh Valley Torch Club

Michael J. Harrison
Honored by Anonymous Albany Torch Club Friend; John T. McGuire; and Richard R. Lynch

Theodore G. Jenkins
Honored by John Kolbeck

Dr. Edgar Peer
Honored by Leslie Thorburn and St. Catharines Torch Club

Torch Friends

George Crepeau
Honored by Anna Weller Dahl

Robert Osborne
Honored by Arthur T. and Ruth U. Osborne

Robert Pennock
Honored by Judith Shub and Leo A. Kellogg

Dennis Rapp
Honored by Judith Shub and Leo A. Kellogg

Meredith Rousseau
Honored by Anna Weller Dahl

Keir Sterling
Honored by Dr. Francis Moul and Anna Weller Dahl

Marilyn Walker
Honored by Timothy M. Spaeder

Charles Isley
Honored by Roland F. Moy

Richard Rupp
Honored by Roland F. Moy