Communication within the local club is important. Not surprisingly, about 80{45460edaee4bd1a0222d40af021d67706772bf1528e86b9211501d966dcb5b5c} of existing club members use email. Here are some samples from the clubs:

Newsletters Work. The St. Catharines Torch Club(PDF) distributes a very colorful newsletter in PDF format attached to an email. The newsletter can be used to inform members of Torch news but also printed as a handout for recruitment. A newsletter of this quality requires software such as Printmaster. The St. Catharines newsletter requires an almost universal Adobe reader on the recipient’s computer significantly. Other clubs, such as  The Rochester Torch Club (PDF) distribute their newsletter as both an attached WORD and PDF document. A WORD document can also be pasted in an email using the cut and paste commands avoiding the necessity of a download by the recipient. Advise members to store the sender’s email address to avoid being filtered out as spam.

Local Torch Club Web Sites: A handful of Torch Clubs have a web site or BLOG. Some local Torch Club examples are the Schenectady Torch Club The Western Maine Torch Club web site is part of a member web site,

IATC Graphics: IATC graphics useful in local club publications can be obtained in several ways. Graphics can be found and downloaded from the Local Club Support Page.

The majority of Torch Clubs produce an annual club roster with member names and contact information.  Some are small pocket-sized booklets; some club rosters include photos along side each member’s name. Others include a schedule and brief synopses the year’s talks. Here is a sample of a more detailed Club Booklet from the Delaware Torch Club. The 40-page booklet, which includes historical information about the club and the IATC is published in a PDF version for club members. A small number are printed and used informational material for prospective members. It is a marvelous example of what can be done.  Once created, it is simply a matter of making a few updates each year to keep it current.