From ancient times a torch has been a symbol of Light and Truth. It is the same today. Torch International proudly uses the torch, with the addition of a triangle – – a symbol of Deity – – Recognizing the source of all intelligence as its emblem. The Association of Torch Clubs was founded on June 18, 1924 by William Bullock, who had the vision of forming an association of clubs across the country with a purpose of broadening intellectual and social horizons. “The objective, he said, “is to be cultural and educational, to get light and understanding on all vital subjects. He pulled together a group of seventy five professionals in Minneapolis to discuss the development of a new professional association. One month later, on July 10, 1924, the Minneapolis Club, the first Torch Club, was formed. Bullock then set out across the Midwest to promote this new association. Between 1924 and 1933, with the assistance of D.B. Zimmer, they established a total of fifty-one clubs, many of which remain active to this day. Today, nearly seventy Torch clubs across the United States and Canada meet regularly to hear and discuss cross-profession presentations. The International Association of Torch Clubs provides support services to each affiliated local Torch Club.

Torch Archives are Stored at Ohio State University
Contact : Tamar Chute
(614) 292-3271
Ohio State University Archives
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