The Torch For over 80 years the International Association of Torch Clubs has published a journal. The Torch is now published three times a year. The Torch usually contains approximately seven papers that have previously been presented at a local Torch Club and submitted by the author for publication consideration in The Torch. A panel of advisors review each submission and recommend to the editor whether the paper should be published and/or suggest changes to the author. Because the members of Torch represent a wide range of professions, and the care given to the selection of papers for publication, The Torch has become recognized as a distinguished journal. Read more about the The Torch Paper. The paper presented at the Torch annual convention by the Norris H. Paxton Lecturer is usually published as the lead article in the fall edition of The Torch. scott.stanfield.torch.headshMeet the Editor, Paul Scott Stanfield Educated at Grinnell College and Northwestern University, Scott Stanfield is Professor of English at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he has been a member of the local Torch club since 1986. Both of his parents were members of the Des Moines, Iowa, Torch club, and his father, Paul, served as IATC President in the 1980s. Scott has in the past served in his local club as secretary and as president, was Region 7 Director on the Torch Board from 1997 to 1999, and was part of the Editorial Advisory Committee for many years before becoming editor of The Torch. Hehas had two articles published in the magazine: “Firing the Canon” and “John Brown, America’s First Terrorist.” He is also the author of Yeats and Politics in the 1930s and various articles on 20th century English and Irish literature. He and his wife, Barbara Straus, have two adult daughters, Julia and Emily, and a sulky cat of indeterminate age.

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Dear Editor is your opportunity to respond to articles in The Torch. Send contributions to with ‘letter to the editor’ in the subject line. Your name and Torch club affiliation must be included; letters may be edited for length and tone.

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